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Taken at the wedding of Leow Yoon Ling (Elaine) and Martin Llyod Anthony on 26 February 2000 at the Sunway Pyramid Resort Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

('?' denotes correct name to be obtained)

Pic #1

The male sprouts of Leow Chow Shin, Leow Chow Kuen, Leow Chow Ngee & Leow Chow Ching.
From left: Yong Way, Yoon Hon (Peter), Yuen Fooi, Yin Foo, Yon Meng, Chow Ngee, Chow Shin, Chow Ching, Yoon Mun (Alex), Yew Seang holding Zhi Seang, Quai Siong, Pok Xian, Tat Siong.

Pic #2

y By birth or by marriage, these are the Leow girls.
Front row (from left): Angeline Leow Li Chin , Christine Leow Chai Chin Christine, Leow Ai Wei, Cheah Cheam Yin, ?, Leow Ai Looi, Leow Ai-Yuin, Leow Ai-Nee, Leow Lee Gek holding Cheah Cheam Ling, Leow Li-Ann, Lee Min Choo, Maffrine Ang Lay Ting, Anna Thong Oi Mei
Standing row (from left): Cheong Wai Ching, Teng Li Yong, Khor Mei Chan, Leow Lee Fah, ?, Lim Say Lean, Leow Lee Choon (Lilian), Kok Siew Yin, Leow Chin Choo, Leow Khin Yin, Leow Kooi Yin, Leow Yoon Chin (Alicia), Leow Yoon Ling (Elaine), Leow Lee Fun holding ?, Loh Kuen Yin, ?, Lim Yong Ming, Lee Lee Choo

Pic #3

Hit the bottles, take no prisoners!
Sitting (from left): Leow Chin Choo, Leow Khin Yin, Leow Kooi Yin, Loh Kuen Yin, Lim Say Lean, Lim Yong Ming, Siew Yin
Standing (from left): Leow Lai Cheng, Leow Lee Fah, Lee Min Choo, Leow Lee Choon, ?, ?, Leow Lee Gek, Leow Lee Fun, Lee Lee Choo, Anna Thong Oi Mei, Khor Mei Chan, Cheong Wai Ching, Teng Li Yong, Maffrine Ang Lay Ting, Leow Yoon Ling (Elaine)

Pic #4
The bride and the blushing groom.
Yoon Ling and Martin


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