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 Leow Sim Chong & family

Click on thumbnails for enlarged pictures.

Leow Sim Chong 1932

Sim Chong and Chow Shin 1932

Loh Ah Chiang 1969

Ah Chiang 1971

Ah Chiang 1973

Ah Chiang 1974

Ah Chiang 1988

Ah Chiang and family

Ah Chiang & family

Leow Lan Yin ~1940

Lan Yin ~1940

LanYin 1943

Leow Kooi Yin

Kooi Yin

Leow Khin Yin

Khin Yin

Khin Yin

Khin Yin

Leow Chin Choo

Chin Choo

Chin Choo

Leow Chow Ngee

Leow Chow Ching

Chow Ching

Khin Yin and Kooi Yin

Kooi Yin and Khin Yin

Kooi Yin, Chow Ngee and Khin Yin

Lim Say Lean

Say Lean and Chow Ngee

Say Lean and Chow Ngee

Say Lean and Chow Ngee

Leow Chow Kuen and Loh Kuen Yin

Chow Kuen and Kuen Yin

Children of Sim Chong 2000

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