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This site welcomes material for inclusion and publication. If you are a person of or descended from the Leow clan, however it is spelled, and have any relevant material such as your genealogy, even though it is for 2 generations only please let us know. Once enough branches are gathered, you'll be able to see how you're linked.

Other useful material would be articles on people of this clan, whether historical or present. One thing we're looking for is the Verse Of Generation Names. The early Chinese followed the tradition of using a successive word in a clan Verse Of Generation Names in the name of all their children in a particular generation. The traditional Chinese name consists of 3 words or elements, i.e. the surname, the generation name, and the personal name. The surname appears first, although in the West this has changed to conform to local norms in naming, and the generation can be placed as the second or third element depending on preferences. Therefore in the old days 2 strangers from the same clan in different parts of the world sporting the same surname and generation names who meet will know they are of the same generation. The Verse Of Generation Names is handed down the generations for observance, although that is not much practised today.

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